Top Distinctive Hotels in Dublin

The term ‘distinctive hotel’ is often used to refer to hotels that offer luxury services. They go the extra mile to ensure that their patrons enjoy the utmost comfort during their stay there. Luxury should, however, not be mistaken for size.

Numerous distinctive hotels are small in size. They are only able to accommodate a handful of guests at a time, but they ensure that these guests have the best time. The small size is sometimes regarded as a luxury in itself, given it guarantees guests a lot of privacy.

When it comes to luxury hotel service, Dublin is at the very front. The Irish capital is developing quite fast on this front, and it has a number of distinctive hotels that visitors might want to try out. Here are a few that are hidden gems, literally.

Hotel 7

This four-star rated facility is located at Parnell Square in Dublin. It has a bar and restaurant where revellers can lounge. There is a stable Wi-Fi service, too, something that is of great essence in the modern world.

Patrons can literally stay up in their rooms given there are tea and coffee facilities and cable TV. The bathrooms are great too, with hairdryers to boot. Oh, and the room service is awesome right from breakfast.


This is a facility for those who love antiquity and opulence. It is built in Victorian style and as everything that screams comfort, including chandeliers and open fires. Personal care and grooming are top-notch in the beauty sections and the spa.

The Fitzwilliam Hotel

Where the Shelbourne screams history, the Fitzwilliam concerns itself with modernity. Its location at a central location in the city is an excellent feature as it allows guests to get around with ease. Not that they have to leave, however. The view of St. Stephen’s is lovely from the luxurious bedroom balconies and their spa is a story on its own!