Dingle Skellig Hotel

This hotel is located in Dingle, Kerry. The interiors have a lush, modern design. One of the most distinctive things about the establishment is its geometric space. There is an emphasis on rectangles which let in natural light. Even though the inside of the hotel rooms looks great in its own right, the real reason to stay here is the views. The hotel overlooks a gorgeous body of water and green hills.


The dining and bar areas look ornate and have a cozy atmosphere. There is enough choice on the menu to satisfy most foodies. The fresh seafood is particularly worth trying. The hotel chef appears to be an expert at making macaroons.


One of the main reasons why this hotel stands out from the rest in Dingle is its spa. The staff offer an impressive variety of treatments. During the summer months, their outdoor sun lounging area is ideal for soaking up the rays. This part of the hotel also has a Jacuzzi. However, there is not enough room for large groups of guests to enjoy it all at once. Luckily the indoor pool is an adequate alternative.

The Town

Most people visit Dingle so that they can explore the local area rather than stay inside the hotel the whole time. Dingle is the only town within the peninsula and is filled with fun tourist destinations. Perhaps the biggest draw to Dingle is Fungie, a dolphin that is friendly with humans. The Dingle Skellig Hotel is a short drive away from a dock that offers Fungie boat tours.


Even if guests will spend most of their time elsewhere, this hotel has plenty of amenities to keep them entertained when they come back from a day around Dingle. It is by far the most distinctive hotel in the area. This is due to the great interior design, variety of services and food menu.