Top Boutique Hotels in Dublin

Dublin has some of the best boutique hotels in Europe. These hotels are comfortable, and customers here are treated well. They are ideal if you are going on a trip or even a honeymoon. Some of these hotels are so great that you might forget to return home! Here are the top boutique hotels in Dublin.

The Alex

This hotel was refurbished recently and changed its overall appearance. It is now one of the best boutique hotels in Dublin. The interior design of this hotel is one to die for. It also has excellent customer service. They ensure that guests are served with everything they require from the hotel.

The North Star

This hotel gives its customers one of the best views of the city. It has recently undergone a refurbishment process which has made it outstanding. One now has a magnificent ceiling view while lying on the comfortable beds. It also has an outdoor space which is great to have a drink on any day.

The Cliff Townhouse

This hotel is located in the centre of the city. This makes it easily accessible by most people. It has a top class restaurant which offers amazing dishes to the customers. This hotel is well suited for a little party. It is also an amazing spot for a romantic getaway. It has luxurious bedrooms that over-emphasise the need for comfort.

The Dean

The hotel has a bar and a restaurant, both of which offer great services to the customers. The bar and restaurant reward customers with a stunning view of the city. It also has an eye-catching interior design. Each bedroom in this hotel has an amazing appearance. You might not want to leave this hotel due to the great design and comfort of the bedroom.

Dublin is increasingly becoming famous for its boutique hotels; you should try at least one of them sometime!