The Top 4 Boutique Hotels in Ireland

Ireland is renowned for its vibrant hospitality industry and hosts most global hotel brands. However, the country is not short of niche hotels and boasts some of the best boutique hotels in the UK. Each one of them has a unique selling point that enhances its appeal and allure to visitors.

The Twelve

The Twelve is a 10-minute walk from Galway city centre and features an in-house bakery, exotic wine cellar, and a top-notch restaurant. You would not expect to find assorted wines at a small boutique hotel, but you will find some of the best wines crammed in a cellar. The Twelve is a serial winner of Wine Spectator Awards and several other accolades in the culinary category. Guests can also relax at the mini-spa where they offer treatment using natural products.

The Merchant

The Merchant is a glamorous establishment that has a touch of class to its rooms. Its bar has a tradition of hosting great cocktails and has recently added exotic water to the menu. The options include glacier water sourced from the Canadian Arctic. If you are not impressed by fossilized water, then a walk to the Cathedral Quarter and sampling the numerous eateries along the road might do.

Ballyvolane House

Ballyvolane has a reputation for hosting weddings on its great glamping sites, but that does not shade on its excellent food and accommodation. The bedrooms are warm, spacious, and inviting with oversized sofas ushering guests to relax by the log fires. It is a true home away from home where they serve dinner on a communal table in a country house.

Ballynahinch Castle

Ballynahinch is associated with fishing expeditions with anglers turning up every year to catch glittering salmons. It is the ideal countryside getaway where visitors can enjoy a pint while relaxing at the Fisherman’s Bar. Some of the rooms overlook the waters allowing the visitors to enjoy its calming effect as it flows quietly down the valley.